What is Derby Neighborhood Wireless Networking?

DerbyNet Neighborhood Wireless Networking (DNWN) brings high speed wireless broadband Internet access to your home or business using economical equipment, professional installation, and excellent performance at competitive prices. This service is best suited for areas where DSL and cable Internet are not available. We specialize in providing high speed Internet access to rural communities and farms. This service is also excellent for people who have satellite television or people that have switched to cell phones and have discontinued their home phone.

How does DNWN Work?

DNWN uses 802.11a/b/g wireless networking equipment to connect your computer or network to the Internet through DerbyNet's wireless network of distribution and relay sites. An antenna needs to be installed to the outside of your home or business, and have clear line-of-site to one of DerbyNet's many distribution sites around the area. This service gets you connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What will I need for DNWN?

You will need a computer or router with an Ethernet port for us to plug our Ethernet cable into. Since this is an always-on connection, we highly recommend you have all the latest Microsoft updates installed and that your anti-virus software is up to date. We do have limited support for Macintosh and Linux, call for more information.

What if I have multiple Computers/Devices?

Connecting multiple computers/devices requires that you purchase a router. We sell routers for $79.

What is a router?

A router will help protect the computers installed behind it from outside attacks. If you purchase a router from us, we will keep it updated with the latest firmware available. We are able to provide phone support all the way to your computer with one of our routers.

Can I use my own wireless router?

Yes you can, but we do not provide support for 3rd party routers in any way. We'll bring the Internet service to the Ethernet port, but will not answer any questions pertaining to the configuration of equipment made by companies like Linksys, DLink, etc.

Do I get email with your service?

Yes, we provide you with one email address. If you desire more email addresses, we provide an additional 5 email addresses for $5 monthly. Email can be accessed from anywhere on the web by clicking the Webmail link on our home page.

Does your service use a phone line?

No, our service does not require a phone line.

How fast is the service?

We use 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz technology to deliver up performance that is comparable and sometimes exceed that of traditional land-line products like DSL. Users enjoy speeds of up to 1.5 mbps down and 512kbps up. Our low latency makes our network ideal for gamers and people that compute online.

I have a tall structure, are you interested?

If your location has a good view of other potential customers, you may quality for Site-Opportunity service. We will provide the necessary equipment and use your location as a relay point providing service for other neighbors in your area. We will provide you service at a special rate. If you have such a view, please do not hesitate to contact us – we're always looking to extend our service reach.

How do I sign up?

Before we schedule an install, we like to perform a site survey to verify that you have line of sight to one of our distribution points. We don't require anyone to be home for the survey. If someone is home, we will verify where the computer/router is and identify antenna placement and antenna size. Once the site survey is performed we'll schedule an installation date. Since we're working outside our schedule is sometimes dependant on the weather. A typical installation takes us about 2 hours to complete. Email support@derbytech.com for more info.

How do I get support?

Most problems can be solved telephonically and we ask that you call us between 8AM and 4 PM Monday thru Friday at 1-800-83DERBY or (309) 755-2662. We pride ourselves in running a high performance, high availability network and make every effort to respond to problems as quickly as possible. We do have after hours support to deal with network outages and other emergencies.

How do I pay for the service?

We can send you a monthly invoice, automatically bill your credit card, or ACH withdrawals can be set up to automatically come out of your checking account. Customers who pay annually receive one month free! For billing questions dial (309) 755-2662 and choose option 3.